Ahoy! It’s a blog!

Allo, and welcome to the Jono corner of the Internets!  I’m trying a new thing here, just a blogspace for absolutely anything that comes to mind: music, photos, games, thoughts, life, so on.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’m Jono, co-director of Defective Studios, a small independent game company where  I spend most of my time programming, mainly on our first big indie release Gimbal Cop, and also doing game design and some art.  So this blog will mostly not be about that.  This is a space I’ve been hankering for for a bit, where I can express anything else.  When I’m not working on Defective stuff (or hanging with people, or by my lonesome, an important part of any secret introvert’s life), I also make music on guitar and piano, take photos, and write longwinded idea-rants.  So look forward to that.  I’ve tried the blog thing before, and fell into my constant trap of sucking at keeping up at things, so I’m gonna take it slow, not make a big deal of it, and put up whatever I feel like.  I hope you, the hypothetical reader-listener-watcher (if you build it, they will come??), enjoy.

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